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•   Carol Decker (Yother)  6/21
•   Marie Fales (Tungate)  5/13
•   Tom Corey  4/30
•   Michael Mers  4/15
•   Gary Nickerson  4/13
•   Larya K Barney (DeBow)  4/2
•   Richard Clute  3/30
•   Carol Forward (Becton)  12/13
•   Paull Fry  8/18
•   Bruce Goldsmith  8/13
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•   William Quinn  2020
•   David Webster  2022
•   Donald Keith McNee  2018
•   Perry Weinberg  2022
•   Janice Slocum (Ruger)  2022
•   Dianne Hansen (Jones)  2022
•   Donald Eldridge  2021
•   John Crofton Jr  2021
•   Michael J Turner  2020
•   Lynn Weakley (Misner)  2021
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•   Jane Underwood (Strong)  7/5
•   Carol Decker (Yother)  7/11
•   Georgia Thayer (Digman)  7/12
•   Nancy Schmidt (Lyon)  7/13
•   Jim Kerner  7/14
•   Ray Woolner  7/20
•   Michael Doyle (Bcchs65. Org Website Co-Ordinator)  7/23
•   Janet Olinger (Heger)  7/24
•   Sue Smith (Teeters)  7/29
•   John Hildenbrand  7/30


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Percentage of Joined Classmates: 28.5%

A:   128   Joined
B:   321   Not Joined
(totals do not include deceased)

Battle Creek Central High School
Class of 1964

Welcome '64 Bearcats




An instance of two or more people coming together again after a period of separation.

A social gathering of a certain group of people who have not seen each other for some time.

The act or process of being brought together again as a unified whole.

These statements sum up the BCCHS Bearcats Class of 1964. It’s not about “cliques”, it’s about the friendships we made over the years we spent in school together, maybe worked together or were neighbors at some point in our lives. You may not have known a lot of people, but you knew some. Come join us in fellowship and share the memories of days gone by. If you haven’t sent in your reservation form, we encourage you to do so. We hope to see you in August!!!!

If you know of an updated address for the following people, please let me know, their reservation forms were returned:

Margaret Arrowsmith    Michael Barney   William Campbell   Theresa Doty Harrington

Rick Gardner   Gerald Hughes   Martha Harrington Thompson   

Karen Lounsberry Simpson   Nick Nastos   Don McNee   Gayle Owen Njus

Amy Peake Laurimore   Judy Norrod Pierce   Rick Tassos   Carolyn Viall Kewley


The mailings have gone out for the mini reunion in August. We used the addresses from our website so if someone has moved in the last three years and not updated their address, they may not receive one. If that is the case, please email me for a mailing to the new address.

We are having a BCCHS Class of 1964 Mini-Reunion in 2022. We had one in 2019.  The date is August 20, 2022, the place will be at the American Legion Post 54, 1125 E. Columbia Ave, Battle Creek MI. The time will be from 3pm until ??? The cost will be $25.00 per person, music and food will be provided (menu to be determined). We are asking that you verify your address on our webstite to insure we have the correct mailing address when we send our registration materials. If you know of classmates who have not received emails or mailings from us, please email us their information so we can keep them updated. Please mark the date on your calendars and come and enjoy friends and classmates from "The good old days"!!!!!

If this is the first time you have been on this site or if you want to know how to join this site please click on the First Time Visitors on the left side of this page and follow the instructions.

Today some additions to the web page for our class, have been made. Pictures have been added from the 20th, 25th, 30th, 35th and 40th reunions. People in the pictures have been identified as best as we could for now. If you go in there and recognize people who need to be identified, please notify us. If you are unable to see the new additions, please also let us know. Share this post to your Facebook page so your 1964 classmates can be notified. Also, if you know of classmates who do not have a Facebook account, let them know the pictures are available here. In addition, we are looking for pictures from the 10 year reunion. If you have any and would like to share them with the class, please contact either Joe Blythe or Sharon Maltby Bevier.

The 1964 PAEAN Yearbook has been added to the Home Page, so if you have lost, misplaced, damaged, etc, your yearbook, please enjoy this copy. As always please share this information with classmates you are in contact with.

Dear Classmates,

You can determine if a classmate is registered or NOT registered for this website by clicking on the "Classmate Profiles" link. That list includes all classmates except those who have expressed the wish to remain private. For registered or deceased, there is an icon (a flower, an American flag, a green check, etc.) next to their name.


Please try to contact any non-registered classmate you might know and encourage them to join or at least gather current contact info (email and street addresses) and email the info to


You may be the only person who can convince a classmate to join!