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•   Jeanne Stumm  6/15
•   Marjorie Clayton (Kruse)  6/11
•   Janet Olinger (Heger)  5/26
•   Jon Heffelfinger  5/19
•   Judy Saunders (Showstead)  3/19
•   Nick Nastos  3/10
•   Garry Looper (Looper)  3/9
•   Mary Mrozovich (Zima)  2/26
•   Tom Corey (Corey)  2/17
•   Rick Hirleman (Hirlemann)  2/11
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•   Diane Willbur (Erwin)  6/20
•   Judie Cobb (Tuttle)  6/21
•   Stuart Williams  6/23
•   Cynthia Wood (Gilmer)  6/23
•   Ron Jacobs Pease  6/26
•   Roberta Howlett (Cribbs)  6/29
•   Jane Underwood (Strong)  7/5
•   Janet Stookey (Holt)  7/6
•   Carol Decker (Yother)  7/11
•   Georgia Thayer (Digman)  7/12
•   Nancy Schmidt (Lyon)  7/13
•   Jim Kerner  7/14


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Percentage of Joined Classmates: 24.3%

A:   115   Joined
B:   359   Not Joined

Battle Creek Central High School
Class of 1964

Welcome '64 Bearcats




An instance of two or more people coming together again after a period of separation.

A social gathering of a certain group of people who have not seen each other for some time.

The act or process of being brought together again as a unified whole.


These statements sum up the BCCHS Bearcats Class of 1964. It’s not about “cliques”, it’s about the friendships we made over the years we spent in school together, maybe worked together or were neighbors at some point in our lives. You may not have known a lot of people, but you knew some. Come join us in fellowship and share the memories of days gone by. If you haven’t sent in your reservation form, we encourage you to do so. We hope to see you in August!!!!

BCCHS Bearcats, Class of 1964, if you have lost your registration form and information for the 55th Reunion, please contact me. In addition, please check with any of our classmates you may have contact with to let them know the same in case they are not on our website or Facebook page. Our reunion is also open to members of other classes.


Here is a mockup of the reunion t-shirt




Here is a list of the classmates of which we do not have current information, addresses, ect: 

Janet Margret Allen Ball
Betty L Banks Williams
David Junior Bickham  
Douglas David Billings  
Carolyn Ann Black  
Sandra Kaye Bowers Barnes
Nancy Bacon Brigstock Walker
Donna Jean Brown  
Richard Lee Bryant  
Dale Caley  
Sandra Campbell  
Brenda Caraway Winerberger
Jeanne Carroll  
John Casey  
Doug Cassens  
Shirley Conine  
Barb Conley Smith
Gary Coppoch  
Jack Coulter  
John Crofton Jr  
Gale Curton  
Judith Curvey  
Jack Danek  
Michael Darrow  
Rita Davis  
Christine Davison Gilkison
Benjamin de Farias  
Vernon Dodd  
Theresa Doty Harrington
Kathleen Elshire  
Terry Farmer  
Richard Fowler  
George Frazee  
Dan Fry  
Stanley Gillett  
Susan Godfrey Scahtlen
Norma Goodnight  
Robert Gray  
LeRoy Guilford  
William Grinage  
Mike Hannah  
Jerry Higgins  
Jean Holder Hutchens
Mary Hollis  
Linda Holt Spackman
Luretha Horton  
James Houston  
Bill Howard  
Robert Ingram  
James Isham  
Ronald Jacobs  
Paul James  
Yvonne Jenkins  
Vaughn Rice Jones  
Rick Kanaga  
Gayle Kuchenreuther McCabe
Judy Larson Bilow
Robert Lindow  
Daryl Longman  
Henry Love  
Kathreen Marks  
Fred McCall  
Caroyln McCarty  
Mary McCarty Boyle
Robert McEachen  
Deann McGillivray Lazarus
John McIntosh  
Jon McKay  
Michael Mers  
James Millard  
Catherine Moon  
John Morris  
Nick Nastos  
Ed Nelson  
Richard O'Connell  
Margaret Organ  
Larry Osborne  
Karen Packer Meltzer
Richard Pearce  
John Pearlman  
David Pearson  
Diane Perkins  
Carol Perry Straubel
James Pilkington  
Linda Porter Todd
Fred Ragla  
Mary Rall  
Jerry Richards  
Kathy Richards Evans
Michael Richardson  
Joyce Ricker  
Ray Ritter  
Susan Rodden  
Cecilia Rowland Simmons
James Sanchez  
Rebecca Sanchez  
June Schoals  
David Shaffer  
Sandra Sheldrick  
Edgar Shipley  
Willard Sloney  
Donna Smith  
Ken Smith  
Paul Smith  
Rex Smith Jr  
Jack Snell  
George Snyder  
Donald Spuller  
Patricia Stager Phillips
Joyce Steele  
Patricia Strickland Thurman
Jeanne Stumm  
Peggy Sybert  
Floyd Talbot  
Clarinda Thompson  
James Thompson  
Donald Thurston  
Patricia Tibbetts  
David Tooley  
Terry Trumbull  
Gordon Turner  
Mike Turner  
Francis Varin  
Kenneth Wagner  
Mary Jane Walden Bradshaw
Judith Waltz  
Carol Waterbury  
Larry Webb  
Elsie White  
James Williams  
Patsy Williams  
Nathaniel Willis  
Robert Willis  
Richard Wilson  
Luanne Wood  
Diane Woodworth Moore
Frances Youmans  
Diana Young  

The Reunion Committee looked at suggestions offered over the past years as to what we should do for the 55th. We looked at cost, food and activities and hopefully a way to get more classmates to attend. We noticed that some may have paid twice for meals in the sense that they paid for a meal at the reunion, that they didn't eat for not being  present because they had dinner with relatives/friends prior to the reunion or other reasons (strict diet, etc). Thus we decided to keep the food simple and easy and not tie people down. We kept the dress as casual (August can be extremely hot!!!). We didn't plan much for activities, maybe because age and/or health could be factors :). We just want people to come and enjoy themselves with "old" friends and classmates and reminiscense about the "Good Old Days!!!". We will do a mailing this winter(sometime in Jan/Feb) with the reunion information to everyone we have a mailing address for. Please share this information and the 55th Reunion information with all of your contacts. Thanks.

55th Reunion


August 16, 2019  Meet and Greet  Time 6:00pm until 9:00pm

August 17, 2019 Reunion  Time  6:00pm until ??????

Place: American Legion, Custer Post #54

1125 E. Columbia Ave

Battle Creek, MI 49014

Telephone Number  (269)-963-3356


August 16: Snack Tray - Veggies, Cheeses/Crackers, Fruit Tray

August 17: Hors D'oeuvres - Mini Tacos, Shrimp Egg Rolls, Meatballs and Franks, Vegetable Tray, Potato Salad, Waldorf Salad, Chips and Dip


60's Music

Dress is Casual Attire


Cost: $25.00 per person, total for both nights(whether you come one night or both nights)

Activities: August 17, 2019

Tour of BCCHS 10:00 am

Golf Outing (possible)

Brunch at Clara's (optional)

Memorial Video played at 8:00pm









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The 1964 PAEAN Yearbook has been added to the Home Page, so if you have lost, misplaced, damaged, etc, your yearbook, please enjoy this copy. As always please share this information with classmates you are in contact with.

Dear Classmates,

You can determine if a classmate is registered or NOT registered for this website by clicking on the "Classmate Profiles" link. That list includes all classmates except those who have expressed the wish to remain private. For registered or deceased, there is an icon (a flower, an American flag, a green check, etc.) next to their name.


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You may be the only person who can convince a classmate to join!